Building Business Profits Fast

Building Business Profits Fast
Building Business Profits Fast

Published statistics show 50% of all small businesses fail in the first four years. (Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research Research Date: 7.27.2013) This statistic does not capture the countless businesses that never get off the ground. One example, look at who you know who has become a real estate agent and never has done a transaction. Or who do you know has talked about a network marketing business and has never made a dime. The examples are endless.

Why is there such a High Small Business Failure Rate?

The most common reasons are:

  • Ignoring a proven business building model
  • Inexperience with partnerships, leverage and systems
  • Spending money in ways that do not contribute to building the business
  • Focusing on an office, legal structure and other administrative areas that do nothing for growing revenue and profits.
  • Ignoring the one action that is required  build revenue and profits fast.

I wrote Building Business Profits Fast to help all business owners. It is based on my experience running my own companies and successfully  coaching clients from nearly every industry. This is an easy to follow road map for  growing a very profitable business.

The instructions for ordering the book follow and if you register for my list you can download the first chapter free.

The only statistic you want to be is a success statistic. Order the book today and one more thing – be sure you check out the bonuses that come with the book.  The value of the bonuses alone exceed $1,000.00.

“Steve has been the host of our monthly Oracle Success call for those who want advice on growing their business, including the professional and personal challenges that come with the territory. His commitment to helping others through questioning what works and challenging what doesn’t has been a refreshing experience. I enjoy working with Steve to help others grow their business. Use his book as a GPS to building revenue and profits and I urge you to begin immediately.”

George Ross, Best-Selling Author, Negotiation and Business Speaker and Entrepreneur with a notable career of successfully building businesses, Executive Vice President and Senior Council of The Trump Organization.

Building Business Profits Fast Is now available for immediate download.


PS Discover practical easy to follow steps for Building Business Profits Fast. Every action step has been tested and proven to work with hundreds of clients from new businesses to large international companies. Even the most seasoned owners and managers will be surprised at the opportunities for Building Business Profits Fast. Of course those just starting will have a huge advantage by focusing on those areas that will have an immediate impact on fast profitable growth.